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A Detective Pikachu trailer set to ‘What a Wonderful World’ might make you tear up

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Look at that fluffy Pikachu hug!

The latest teaser for Detective Pikachu is set against Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World,” with moments from the movie corresponding to the lyrics of the song, and my, my, what a wonderful teaser it is. Pokémon: they’re beautiful!

The teaser starts off with a focus on wild Pokémon, as Tim (Justice Smith) carries what looks like a wounded Detective Pikachu in his arms through a lush forest setting. Little Charmanders frolick, a little Squirtle pops its head out of the water, little Morelull bloom out of the ground.

We move back to the city, with a majestic Braviary flying against a sunlight skyscraper right, and right as Armstrong croons “the colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky,” we get a flash of the Braviary’s rainbow feathers. At one point, furry Pikachu and Psyduck hug it out. Are your eyes getting watery?

In a momentary instrumental interlude, Detective Pikachu and Tim have a heart-to-heart. Tim is teary-eyed, clearly despondent about his father’s disappearance, but Detective Pikachu consoles him.

“I know this much,” says Ryan Reynolds Detective Pikachu. “If your dad was here, he’d hug you so hard your bones would pop.”

Notably absent from the Pokémon-filled teaser is Mr. Mime. But the Psychic-Fairy type is probably off running a juice business.

Detective Pikachu comes out on May 10.