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Smash Bros. fans are using portals to turn fights into Dragon Ball Z


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - battle between Mario, Inkling Girl, Donkey Kong and Link Sora Ltd., Bandai Namco Studios/Nintendo

Every time a new Smash Bros. comes out, people like to joke that Goku from Dragon Ball Z should, like, totally be in the game. I’ll do you one better: What if everyone could be Goku in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Such a fantasy is now possible thanks to the fighting game’s recent addition of a custom stage builder. The tool allows for placement of traditional level elements, such as setting a stage or building platforms, but it also gives players some cool toys to mess around with. Portals, for example, allow fans to step into one area and immediately reappear in another locale.

Players are now building stages entirely around portals, which, if used correctly, allow for extended combos all around the stage. Anyone who gets caught in the chain can expect a world of hurt. It’s fun to watch — every battle looks like something straight out of Dragon Ball Z, with fighters blinking all around the arena. It’s also easy to appreciate these creations, because building them requires precise planning and placement. Behold: