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Men in Black International is like Avengers fan service for Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth stans

The best team-up ever

Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth reunite in the latest trailer for Men in Black International. We first saw their fun buddy-cop dynamic in Thor Ragnarok, when Thompson’s Valkyrie joined Thor, and if the character posters for Endgame are correct, we’ll see more of it in the Infinity Saga conclusion. But just in case we crave more of the duo, Men in Black International will provide just a scant month and a half after Endgame.

As the title may imply, the newest installment in the Men in Black film series departs from the original movie trilogy’s United States setting, taking the heroes around the world. The adventure starts off in the Men in Black’s London headquarters, where Liam Neeson plays High T, the head of the U.K. branch.

The first trailer showed some big guns, black suits, and new aliens. This next one dives more into Tessa Thompson’s character’s backstory. We learn that her parents had their memories erased by MIB, but the agency forget to swipe her memory. For the last 20 years, she’s been determined to join the mysterious organization and now she’s tracked it down.

We also get a glimpse of the specific threat that the Men in Black will face: shape-shifting aliens known as the Hive, who can take on the appearance of anyone. Seems familiar.

Emma Thompson returns to her role of Agent O and Rebecca Ferguson and Kumail Nanjiani join as new aliens.

Men in Black International comes out on June 14.

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