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Frontier Developments’ next tycoon sim is Planet Zoo, coming this fall

Following 2013’s Zoo Tycoon and last year’s Jurassic Park: Evolution

Following up amusement tycoon sims Jurassic World: Evolution (2018) and Planet Coaster (2016), Frontier Developments announced it is finishing up Planet Zoo and will launch the game on PC sometime this fall.

“Every animal in Planet Zoo is an individual who thinks, feels and explores the world you build around them,” Frontier said in its announcement. Players will use the creation mechanisms found in Planet Coaster to “craft stunning scenery and habitats.” Players will be able to share and download one another’s designs. Master zookeepers can build exhibits with prestigious animals, and their researchers may release animals back to the wild to repopulate their species.

“This is the zoo management game we’ve wanted to make for many years,” Jonny Watts, Frontier’s chief creative officer, said in a statement. The studio/publisher launched Zoo Tycoon for Xbox 360 and Xbox One in 2013.

Frontier followed that with Planet Coaster and then Jurassic World Evolution. Planet Coaster, which called on the studio’s heritage in building some of the original RollerCoaster Tycoon games, reviewed more favorably than Jurassic World Evolution, though the latter has been a strong commercial success, selling two million copies in its first seven months. Frontier is also behind the spaceflight simulator Elite Dangerous.

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