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It’s like Pokémon Snap, but with cute birds instead

Look at the birbs

Despite years of fan begging, Nintendo doesn’t seem keen on bringing back the Pokémon spin-off where you take photographs of monsters living on an island. You know what? That’s okay. We’re finally getting the “take pictures of cute animals” game that we deserve.

Toripon 鳥ポン is an upcoming PC game where you take pictures of adorable birds for your social media following. The entire thing seems to take place in a big apartment, where more than 50 kinds of feathered friends can appear. Better yet, these pals are all up to something, whether that’s riding around on a Roomba or happily hopping around in the sink. The game seems to be about capturing the small moments of joy that you get when you own a pet.

“The more bird pictures you post, the more your follower count will go up!” reads the game’s page. “Just like real life!”

Beyond the adorable factor, Toripon promises a game full of secrets that you can only unlock if you take the right pictures.

Some features you can look forward to, per the game’s official site:

Over 50 types of birds to discover

Relaxing, no-pressure gameplay

A colourful, delightful apartment to explore

Share your photos on a completely unrealistic social media simulation

Share your best photos on the real world social media directly from the game

Cutting edge pixel graphics for maximum cuteness

Customizable controls and other accessibility options

There’s no set release date, as Toripon is still in development, but you can follow along here.

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