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The Division 2’s first raid launches April 25

Operation Dark Hours might ask players to fight an airplane

Massive Entertainment will release The Division 2’s first major content update, Tidal Basin, tomorrow. With the update comes The Battle for D.C. in-game event. In a new video, Massive showed off gameplay of the upcoming Stronghold, revealed the release date for The Division 2’s first raid, and teased the fourth player specialization.

The Tidal Basin update introduces World Tier 5, a new Stronghold, a competitive multiplayer map, two new Exotic weapons, and the first three Gear Sets in The Division 2. Massive will deploy the patch to live servers on April 5.

Operation Dark Hours is the first raid in The Division franchise’s history. We don’t have many details about how raids will work in The Division 2, but Massive says that it’ll take a full team of eight well-geared, coordinated players to finish one. Based on the footage in the video, it looks like Operation Dark Hours may take place on the tarmac of the Washington D.C. airport. Massive will launch The Division 2’s first raid on April 25.

Division 2 raid: Operation Dark Hours
Massive Entertainment/Ubisoft

Massive also teased the game’s fourth specialization. While the clip is short, it shows off an agent holding a mini-gun in front of them. There are already enemies with that kind of weapon in The Division 2. However, assuming the fourth specialization’s weapon is actually a mini-gun, this will be the first time players have access to anything heavier than a light machine gun.

There is no specific release date for the game’s fourth specialization, but it is tied to Episode 1 of the Year 1 Pass, which Massive has scheduled for this Summer.

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