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Escape Room’s alternate ending solves a lingering puzzle

More mysteries remain for the surviving players

Escape Room built upon an inevitable horror movie premise: What if puzzle-filled escape rooms were basically death traps? Channeling the legacy of films like Cube or Saw, the movie found success by crafting clever puzzles and engaging characters.

Ahead of Escape Room’s home release, Polygon has an exclusive preview of the alternate ending that answers one of the lingering questions left at the end of the movie: what about that prize money?

After escaping the torturous puzzles, the survivors try to move on with their lives — but that’s not as easy as it sounds when the company behind the trap is still operating. The players are hot on the trail of Minos Escape Rooms, but who is playing who? The unused ending suggests that Minos might be more proactive in entangling Zoey than previously suggested.

Additional new content includes featurettes on the practical effects and the puzzle room’s 360-degree design, two of the stand-out elements that help to elevate the familiar plot.

Escape Room’s full alternate ending can be seen on the digital release available April 9, and on the DVD and Blu-ray release on April 23.

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