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Watch the gorgeous trailer for Your Name director’s new animated film

Makoto Shinkai is back

The first trailer for Weathering With You, the new anime film from the director of Your Name, debuted Tuesday, showing off the movie’s gorgeous animation and giving a first look at its plot.

Weathering With You follows the story of a young man who meets a girl who can seemingly control the weather, making the rain stop when she prays. There seems to be more magic at play here, as the rain gets sucked back into the sky once she places her hands together.

The trailer is beautifully animated, with each individual raindrop having its own shine. The trailer’s music was done by Radwimps, which also did the iconic theme song for Your Name. Shinkai is known for his emotional works about young romance with beautiful visuals, so we expected no less from this new trailer.

The movie will be released on July 19 in Japan, though there is no word yet of a worldwide theatrical release or license.

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