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Earthworm Jim game in development for the new Intellivision console

Wait... What year is it?

Earthworm Jim loading screen from Sega Genesis, 1994. Shiny Interactive/Playmates Interactive Entertainment
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There’s a new Earthworm Jim game in development by members of the original team. The title will be exclusive to the new Intellivision console, which is launching on Oct. 10, 2020.

The original Earthworm Jim launched in 1994 on the Sega Genesis, only to become a critical and a commercial success. It was eventually released on other consoles, including the SNES. The 2D run-and-gun sidescroller was followed up by a sequel in 1995, as well as a high-definition remake in 2010.

Development of this new game will be handled by the original team members, including creator Doug TenNapel and Tommy Tallarico, the series’ composer and sound designer. It no doubt helps that Tallarico is also the CEO and president of Intellivision Entertainment, makers of the upcoming Amico console.

An artist’s rendering of the Amico console from Intellivision. Intellivision Entertainment

Announced in October 2018, the Amico is expected to be a family-friendly device. It will retain the original’s unique omni-directional control disk and include a full-color touchscreen on each controller. Amico will retail between $149 and $179, and games will cost between $2.99 and $7.99 each. Additionally, every title on the Amico will be exclusive to that platform. So, if you want to play the next Earthworm Jim game, you’re going to need to do it on an Intellivision.

The Intellivision team promises more information May 4 during a livestream being broadcast simultaneously on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

Intellivision wasn’t the only legacy brand to announce a new piece of hardware in 2018. There’s also a new console on the way from Atari, which is now part of a French-owned collection of media companies. Its VCS device raised more than $3 million on Indiegogo, with the first $2 million coming in the first day of the campaign. The device is expected to ship to consumers in mid-2019.

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