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Rainbow Six Siege team-killers: Repent, or face reverse friendly fire

Ubisoft Montreal developers find a novel way to punish griefers

Rainbow Six Siege Ubisoft Montreal/Ubisoft
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Griefers who kill their teammates in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will have their own weapons turned back on them thanks to the game’s latest update. The punishment is called reverse friendly fire and it sounds like a ridiculous way to go down, which is what team-killers deserve.

The RFF system came online with Thursday’s patch. In a development blog on the game’s Steam page on Wednesday, Ubisoft Montreal explained how it works and why it’s the best way to deal with people, in the context of a highly competitive tactical shooter. RFF has been tried out on test servers for the past two months and developers say it should be “a positive step forward in our fight against team killing, while maintaining the same intensity and high stakes gameplay that is core to the Rainbow Six Siege experience.”

Basically, when someone is shot by a teammate, the victim then has the option of activating reflecting bullets for the offender’s weapon for the rest of the match. That means any rounds they fire that hit friends will be redirected back in their own grill. So, if you do accidentally take someone out by friendly fire, it is highly recommended that accept responsibility and apologize to them, because they’ll be watching a kill-cam that identifies you as the culprit.

For gadgets, like the game’s drones and operator cams, damage they cause will be reversed back onto the device itself, not the player who owns them. Again, that’s after a verification step, so while repeated accidental kills would be unlikely, it at least accommodates the idea that someone could walk into their line of fire while not paying attention.

Explosives, with some exceptions, will also work the same way, although four of the game’s gadgets will not. That may change in the future, feedback pending, Ubisoft said. Explosive gadgets that don’t do any damage will have no effect on this system. And, for now, all explosives under the reverse friendly fire flag can still damage teammates as well as their owner — but this will be changed when Siege’s next season begins.

Plenty of more details are available through the Steam page. On the whole, this is a more creative, and probably more useful way to deal with team-killing griefers than in the past. The old way, all you could do was boot them from a match — which left the non-offending members down a fighter, after all. This way, miscreants’ ability to cause shit is minimized while still getting some use out of their participation, even if it’s just to take fire from the other team.

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