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Red Dead Online to introduce a full role-playing system this summer

Introducing the Bounty Hunter, the Collector, and The Trader

Rockstar Games
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Red Dead Online has announced a new surprise update today, and Rockstar also shared future additions that will be in the works throughout the rest of the spring and summer. The largest announcement here is the future addition of ‘roles’, which allow players to pick a specialization and level up that role within the frontier.

It’s an intriguing contrast to Grand Theft Auto Online, where players focus on the acquisition of property and wealth. Here, Rockstar has chosen to make the real progression path centered around player choice and abilities.

May and June

Players will be receiving new free roam missions and clothing on May 21st. On May 28, there will be new content for Free Roam and Showdown modes, followed on June 4th by another Showdown mode. They’re also adding the Railroad Baron Free Roam event, focused around capturing cars on a train that’s moving through the map. June 11th’s update will include yet another Showdown mode and a host of clothing additions to the store, some of which are limited-time.

Throughout these updates, there will be weekly bonuses that include cash and gold gifts, increased payouts on missions and care packages.

Summer update

The larger content update, which does not have an exact date announced, is scheduled for this summer. Players will be able to progress in three roles, either by focusing on one at a time to advance quickly, or at all three slowly by mixing and matching playstyles.

The first of these roles, the Bounty Hunter, hunts down wanted criminals. The second role, the Collector, searches the world for treasure and sells their finds. Finally, the Trader builds a business at their camp. These are just the first roles to be added to the game, and we can expect more to come throughout the lifespan of Red Dead Online.

Each role will offer a unique gameplay loop, along with new role-specific weapons, outfits, and cosmetics.

We get more information about each role and the exclusive content they get in game, but it’s a promising sign for the future of Red Dead Online. While it can never compete with the spectacle and pizzazz of GTA Online, it looks like it’s trying to offer something a little more grounded and personal.

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