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World of Warcraft: Classic set to launch on August 27

I’m ready for The Barrens

World of Warcraft Classic - a paladin in Stormwind Blizzard Entertainment
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World of Warcraft fans who remember the original iteration of the game — or are ready to experience it for the first time — can jump in on August 27. World of Warcraft: Classic will be included for all World of Warcraft subscriptions. It’s set to roll out in stages that slowly introduce all of the appropriate raid content to allow for a similar endgame to the original progression of the game.

This version of World of Warcraft is as much an archival project as a game for players. All original stories, assets and models will remain the same. There will be some changes to lighting and bug fixes, but overall this will be the exact same experience as loading up the game up 15 years ago. That means Night Elf Sylvanas, no Blood Elves, and an exclusive class for each faction (Shaman for Horde, Paladin for Alliance).

The original World of Warcraft experience is far slower and more deliberate than its modern, sleeker version. There are no flying mounts, saving up for epic riding is a major pain, and players can expect to travel all around the world to unlock skills and finish quests. While modern infrastructure and guides online will making raiding or finding Mankirk’s wife a little easier, everything else will require more patience and effort.

There will be a 15th anniversary collector’s edition for sale that will include a Ragnaros statue, Onyxia pin, and fine art prints. Players who log onto the Battle for Azeroth version of World of Warcraft during the upcoming anniversary event will receive a Deathwing mount and Onyxia pet after completing a 25-man raid finder tour through some of World of Warcraft’s greatest raid bosses.

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