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Metro Exodus’ first DLC expansion coming this summer, will be available on Steam

Second adventure comes sometime in 2020

A child stands by a window inside an abandoned church in Metro Exodus. 4A Games/Deep Silver
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

When Metro Exodus launched back in February, players were able to purchase versions that included an Expansion Pass. 4A Games and publisher Deep Silver have now outlined what that entails, and when new content will arrive.

Two expansions are forthcoming, the first, The Two Colonels, arriving sometime this summer. The second is Sam’s Story, and that will launch in early 2020.

The Two Colonels sounds like a flashback. Col. Miller retraces the steps of Col. Khlebnikov in the tunnels beneath Novosibirsk, “during the last days of life” in the city. Players will get a new weapon, a flamethrower, and a “new linear chapter” with “classic story-driven gameplay.”

Sam’s Story will be a sandbox survival level set in Vladivostok. That will follow Sam, a United States Marine stationed at the Moscow embassy before the nuclear holocaust, who is trying to find a way back home. Sam’s Story promises “a brand new journey across the wasteland of post-apocalyptic Russia.”

The Expansion Pass is $24.99 and is being offered for pre-purchase through the PlayStation and Xbox marketplaces, and for PC on both the Epic Games Store and Steam — meaning players who pre-ordered the game with Valve before Deep Silver and Epic consummated their exclusive deal will still have access to the DLC there.

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