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Fortnite players are shooting an octopus in the hopes of winning $3M

Inside the world of trickshotting

Epic Games via Ninja

Trials for the Fortnite Creative World Cup are well underway, and this week players are being challenged with a level where only the most outrageous shooting counts. It’s not enough to land the shot; you’ve got to do it with style.

Such is the world of “trickshotting,” where players kill enemies after doing things like flips, or swinging their character a full 360 degrees before firing the shot. The idea is to be extra as possible. The more you do before landing the blow, the better.

Qualifiers for the Creative Cup this week require trickshots but, instead of asking players to kill rivals, fans must instead land shots on designated weak points. The custom map, which was crafted by Fortnite players BluDrive and KKSlider, includes four “bosses” with targets that players try to hit in unusual ways. The map includes ample traversal items, such as Clingers and Shadow Bombs, which help contestants grab air. The rest is up to the player.

While it’s an unusual premise, it seems likely that designing it this way reduces the chance of cheating — there’s no way to stage a shot with someone else’s help.

Entries to the contest are being uploaded to Twitter via the #ninjacreativetrials hashtag, and Fortnite superstar Ninja will be judging clips to determine the best trickshots. Beyond creativity, the rubric will incorporate the number of targets that players hit in one attempt, and their distance from the target. The more impressive and complicated the shot, the better chance it’ll have to stand out. Targets include a dragon, a wooden creature, and an octopus floating in the middle of the map.

While most entries use the Clinger to whiz around, players are also making the shot utilizing everything from the hoverboard to RPG rounds to add to their “combos.” The winner has yet to be determined, but here are some of our favorite entries thus far.

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