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The first Westworld season 3 trailer dropped during Game of Thrones

Aaron Paul joins when series returns in 2020

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HBO’s biggest series may be ending tonight but fear not, we are still living in the age of peak TV. The network reminded us there’s still a reason to subscribe with a first enigmatic teaser for the third season of Westworld.

Without the title it’d be hard to pin this as a Westworld trailer until the very end. We see an unnamed character played by Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul getting up to some probably criminal shenanigans.

“They said they would make a better world,” he says. Well, he hasn’t seen results and apparently he’s out for justice. In one scene we see him kiss the forehead of a woman in what looks like a hospital room. If the exorbitant prices of Westworld tickets are anything to go by, there is widespread inequality outside the park as well. It looks like Aaron Paul’s character wants to correct that.

Finally the ball drops at the very end of the teaser, when Paul’s character meets an injured, blonde woman in a tunnel. Boom — it’s Dolores, and she’s looking ragged.

HBO has yet to confirm when in 2020 Westworld’s third season will air. In the meantime, catch up on our review of Westworld season 2. As always, it’s worth keeping an eye on Westworld’s official website, which is looking meaningfully glitchy and may yet unearth some easter eggs.

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