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Something is very wrong with Fortnite’s Tilted Towers


Epic Games via Polygon

In Fortnite, “Where we droppin’?” is usually accompanied by “Tilted.” But lately, landing in tryhard central may not be the best idea for players. Tilted Towers have become unstable.

Last week, Tilted Towers made headlines because players noticed that none of the textures in the area were loading correctly. At times the city appeared from the PS1 era, as you can see in this video by Legionbus. Visuals by themselves aren’t a big deal so long as the gameplay isn’t impacted, but that too seemed to be borked at the time. In the video, you can see as the player glides and gets stuck in places where they shouldn’t, at times even falling through the map.

This glitch was active for some people during a small portion of the World Cup qualifiers, a tournament that will eventually have $30M on the line. While this angered some fans, Epic developers stayed up late and the issue was fixed very early on Saturday.

Today, on the heels of the v8.51 patch, there’s a new problem at Tilted Towers: going into the basement of a shop in the area will automatically kill you.

Epic says it is already working on a fix:

Why has Tilted Towers been so unstable in general lately? Players theorize that once the rune event is over, something will happen in this area. Lately, nothing has really changed at Tilted beyond these issues, which makes it seem like something must be happening under the hood. Perhaps we’ll find out what Tilted’s future holds once the volcano erupts. Until then, take care in landing at Tilted Towers. It’s always been a dangerous place, but that’s doubly the case right now.