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Mordhau players bust through map, reach character select screen

This is so sad. Bard, play “Despacito”

A melee in Mordhau. Triternion
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Mordhau players are an inventive bunch. Whether it’s using ladders to trick enemy AI, or using complex jumps to reach supposedly unreachable parts of each map, players have spent the month since the game’s release learning all they can about it. But now, players have discovered a specific glitch that trumps everything else in the medieval combat sim. Players have found a way to escape the boundaries of a map and reach the character select screen.

In all of Mordhau’s PVP game modes that allow respawning like, Deathmatch and Frontline, there’s a character select screen where players can choose their class. These screens all have nice backgrounds that change with each map and allow you to view the character you’re selecting. However, as players have now discovered, this isn’t happening in some separate menu. These character select screens are actually in a part of the map, it’s just a part that isn’t supposed to be reachable. But that didn’t stop Mordhau players from trying and succeeding.

In the map Contraband — which is only available in locally hosted games — players have found a way to use the game’s wooden barricades to jump outside the boundaries. The trick requires precise placement of the barricades and a very difficult jump, but it is repeatable once you know what you’re doing.

Once you get outside the intended areas of the map you can go anywhere on it you want. You can explore the lake surrounding the map. Or you can run under and inside of the mountain that the map’s castle rests on. Or, of course, you can visit the character select screen and troll unsuspecting players with your beautiful lute covers of Top 40 hits.

Overall, this bug is mostly just an amusing glitch for players. But before this map makes it to regular play, you can probably expect this issue will be gone, so enjoy exploring the character select screen in local play while you can.

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