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Hearthstone rolls out Rise of the Mechs, starting June 3

Beep boop, mechs are back

Hearthstone - CL1P-CL4P Blizzard Entertainment
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Hearthstone has kicked off its new single-player campaign, and the Rise of Shadows expansion has settled. Blizzard is rolling out a new event, Rise of the Mechs, starting June 3. The event will include a new legendary mech card called SN1P-SN4P, buffs to cards across the board, and a new arena draft rotation.

A golden version of SN1P-SN4P will be obtainable for anyone who logs in between June 3 and July 1. Anyone who misses the event will be able to craft SN1P SN4P for the standard price of 1.600 Arcane Dust. (Sorry, you can’t get a golden crab boy.) For the purposes of rotations, SN1P-SN4P will be part of The Boomsday Project expansion, but he won’t drop from Boomsday Project packs.

Hearthstone - the legendary minion SN1P SN4P Blizzard Entertainment

There are also a host of changes to cards from every class that will buff many Boomsday Project cards. These changes are permanent, and The Boomsday Project won’t rotate out of Standard play until next year.


  • Gloop Sprayer to (7) Mana. (Down from 8)
  • Mulchmuncher to (9) Mana. (Down from 10)


  • Necromechanic to (4) Mana. (Down from 5)
  • Flark’s Boom-Zooka to (7) Mana. (Down from 8)


  • Unexpected Results to (3) Mana. (Down from 4)
  • Luna’s Pocket Galaxy to (5) Mana. (Down from 7)


  • Crystology to (1) Mana. (Down from 2)
  • Glowstone Technician to (5) Mana. (Down from 6)


  • Extra Arms to (2) Mana. (Down from 3)
  • Cloning Device to (1) Mana. (Down from 2)


  • Pogo-Hopper to (1) Mana. (Down from 2)
  • Violet Haze to (2) Mana. (Down from 3)


  • The Storm Bringer to (6) Mana. (Down from 7)
  • Thunderhead to 3/6/ (Up from 3/5)


  • Spirit Bomb to (1) Mana. (Down from 2)
  • Dr. Morrigan to (6) Mana. (Down from 8)


  • Security Rover to 2/6 stats. (Up from 2/5)
  • Beryllium Nullifier to 4/8 stats. (Up from 3/8)

Finally, Arena drafts will be pulling from the following sets starting June 3: Classic, Basic, Goblins vs. Gnomes, The Grand Tournament, One Night in Karazhan, The Boomsday Project, and Rise of Shadows.

Blizzard will be hosting a special Mech-vitational (that’s a portmanteau of mech and invitational) event to show off the new cards on June 3-4.