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Overwatch Anniversary 2019 event goes live, here are all the skins

The D.Va skin that’s supposed to ‘break the internet’ is here

D.Va stands next to her MEKA in her Academy skin from Overwatch’s Anniversary 2019 event. Blizzard Entertainment
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There’s a lot going on in Tuesday’s Overwatch update with the kickoff of the game’s seasonal Anniversary event. The new event, which runs May 21 to June 11, brings with it a bunch of new skins and other cosmetics, as well as the return of all other seasonal event Arcade modes.

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan recently said that Blizzard would soon add a new D.Va skin that would “break the internet.” Apparently, that’s D.Va’s new Academy skin, which gives her what appears to be a private school uniform. D.Va gets a second skin as part of Overwatch Anniversary 2019: an Epic-tier color scheme, Midnight.

Other highlights include the previously revealed Gargoyle skin for Winston, which radically reimagines the gorilla as an angry stone warrior. Similarly radical is Roadhog’s Toxic skin, which transforms him into a skeleton reanimated by green ooze. Brigitte gets a Riot Police skin, Pharah gets a spacesuit, and Mei has apparently been moonlighting at ... a bubble tea joint?

Check out the rest of the new Overwatch Anniversary Legendary and Epic skins in the gallery below.

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