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Bloodborne hack lets you play as enemies, creator says it might work on Sekiro

Lance McDonald makes more magic inside a FromSoftware game

Bloodborne From Software

A particularly skilled modder has found a way to take control of the enemies in Bloodborne on PlayStation 4. While not practical for average players, the hack opens the door to learning more behind-the-scenes secrets of the FromSoftware game. The creator says the hack works for Dark Souls 3, and should also work on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Fans of Souls-like games should already know Lance McDonald’s work. He’s made a name for himself hacking FromSoftware games for years now. His most-watched video on YouTube is the exploration of an early version of Oceiros, the Consumed King from Dark Souls 3 featuring his infant son, Ocelotte. Be warned, however, that the video contains some challenging Old Testament-style violence that was eventually cut from the final game.

McDonald announced the hack for Bloodborne late Thursday night, but it didn’t really gain traction until a second tweet early Friday morning.

Speaking with Polygon on his private Discord server, McDonald said that the ability to control enemies appears to have been part of the game’s debug mode. All he had to do was move the game’s code to his PC, reactivate the feature, and then push it back to his PS4 to test it. Now he’s able to take control of any enemy that he can lock on to, and travel through the game world as that creature.

“I am going to port it to Sekiro, or at least try, this weekend,” McDonald says. “It works on Dark Souls 3, too. Both of those are on PC so I’m sure I could share that [if I wanted to].”

Recently, McDonald uncovered Sekiro’s debug camera, which he’s been sharing with other YouTubers to allow them to make their content. You can see some of that work over on VaatiVidya’s YouTube channel.

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