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Next week’s Destiny 2 patch fixes bugs, changes up an Exotic

Arbalest enters the general Exotic pool on Tuesday

Destiny 2 - the Exotic fusion rifle Arbalest Bungie

In its weekly blog, Bungie revealed an upcoming patch for Destiny 2. Set for May 7, the new patch will solve several of the game’s major bugs, including one that impedes progress on Xur’s new questline. The Arbalest Exotic will also join the general loot pool for players after The Revelry ends.

Patch 2.2.2 will add no new content to Destiny 2. Instead, it will fix issues like players not earning Dreaming City lore after an Ascendant Challenge. There are also several bugs with the way certain abilities interact with enemies. Combination Blow, Warlock’s Blink, and Chaos Reach abilities will see fixes on May 7.

The patch will also solve several issues introduced around The Revelry and Arc Week. Players who received duplicate items from the Jubilant Engrams or the wrong Arc Week emote will see an in-game message informing them how Bungie solved their problem. The “Verdant Light: Competitive” Revelry Triumph will also retroactively require fewer orbs, and will automatically complete for players who earned it during The Revelry.

Bungie will also fix The Tower quest step for the Invitation of the Nine on May 7. There was an issue with the quest on its initial release that made it impossible to finish.Players will be able to complete The Tower and continue the story when next week’s patch hits.

May 7 also marks the end of The Revelry. Eva Levante will be leaving the Tower for another season, and taking her easy to earn Arbalest Exotic with her. When Eva goes, Arbalest will drop from any source as a member of the Exotic loot pool, like Thunderlord last year.

However, Bungie clarified in the blog that Arbalest is currently bugged. At first, it’ll only be available for players who own the Destiny 2: Forsaken Annual Pass. Bungie intends Arbalest to be a free weapon for all players, but players who don’t have the Annual Pass won’t be able to pull Arbalest from their Collection or earn it from random loot sources. Bungie is investigating the issue and will make Arbalest available to all in a different patch.

Patch 2.2.2 will also introduce changes to the Spectral Blades Super. Bungie hasn’t released exact details yet, but the Super will be less frustrating to play against starting this Tuesday.

The end of the Revelry also marks the end of Season of the Drifter’s content schedule. Destiny’s next season, Season of Opulence, is set to go live in June.

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