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Somebody once told me there’s a Sekiro Shrek mod

This ogre will be chained no more

Shrek - Princess Fiona, Shrek, Donkey DreamWorks Pictures

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has gone from being the center of a recurring, hotly debated internet topic to spawning all sorts of wonderful memes from the discourse. Even with New Game Plus mode, fans are still finding new ways to enjoy FromSoftware’s most recent title.

And that brings us to the important stuff: mods. An all-star fan created a Shrek mod for the first boss you encounter in the game, the Chained Ogre.

When you first encounter him in Sekiro, the Ogre is shackled to a board and begins to thrash around as you get closer. After a few seconds, he breaks free and the fight begins. But with this mod, there’s almost a morbid sense of justice, watching Shrek with legs that are way too long, pulling off a suplex and killing your character almost instantly. Maybe the hours spent with Donkey’s bad jokes finally got to Shrek. Maybe he’s finally had enough.

Other normally terrifying creatures and bosses have their own mods as well. The Great Serpent that appears not long after the Chained Ogre fight can now take the form of Thomas the Tank Engine, if you wish to inflict that upon yourself. Its discordant toots add another layer of fear to dodge rolling and navigating a dark, empty cave. And when it runs you over, it runs you over. There’s no doubt about it: You’re dead.

It somehow feels more enjoyable to see weird mods in action for notoriously difficult bosses or games. Maybe we feel less intimidated when we see a fluorescent green ogre stomping toward us. Maybe we can remember Smash Mouth and try to sing along while we get thrown off a cliff for the second time a row.

Or maybe we choose to take the risk and run past Thomas, panting through his threatening engine whistles and toots.

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