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Player shops are officially coming to Fallout 76

Player vending offers more roleplay fun

Fallout 76 - A player approaches another player’s shop to make a deal Bethesda Game Studios / Bethesda Softworks via Polygon
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Fallout 76 is getting a long promised feature in May 7’s Patch Nine: player vending. Players will be able to set up official vending machines in their CAMPs, which work just like any NPC vendor. While player trading has always been in the game since launch, it currently works through an awkward UI that requires both players to stand next to each other and fiddle with prices and offers. The upcoming player vending system will allow for a much more organic way to trade and get new gear. Not only is this a better way to accumulate gear and caps, but it also opens up fun roleplay opportunities in Appalachia.

Once the patch releases, Players can build a vending machine at their CAMP, then assign items to it and choose the cap price for each one of their wares. Those items will remain in their stash with a vending icon next to them, and players will receive a notification when the item is purchased. Players will receive 90% of each sale, with 10% disappearing into the ether.

CAMPs with Vending Machines will appear to all players on the map, another requested feature from Fallout 76 players. This will mark CAMPs as points of interest, ideal for those who are running flea markets, fighting pits, or secret societies. Players can also preview what’s for sale at a marked CAMP before they make the trek out.

Now that players can custom name their items and gear, this may allow clever vendors to set up in-game advertisements for their events. Bethesda notes that they’ll be keeping an eye on the evolution of player vending after it hits Appalachia, and expect it to change the way players operate their CAMPs.

Also mentioned in the update notes, another new vendor will be added to Fallout 76 in May. The Purveyor will be a Mole Minor vendor that sells legendary items in exchange for a new currency, which can be obtained by scrapping existing legendary items.

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