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For Honor adds lightsabers in this year’s best Star Wars Day tribute

Fight it out with Obi-Wan Orochi and Darth Warden

For Honor modded to give a fighter Darth Maul’s lightsaber staff
Some rather prescient fanart from the For Honor subreddit last year.
cmdrLukesky on Reddit
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Ubisoft Montreal surprised For Honor fans with an apropos patch for Star Wars Day — lightsabers! But the studio may feel like the dog who caught the car, because their community is so delighted they want the elegant weapons for a more civilized age to remain full time.

For Honor’s subreddit has since come alive with memes, videos and tributes, ranging from throwdowns set to “Duel of the Fates” to the reenactment of Revenge of the Sith’s “it’s treason, then” parley between Palpatine and Mace Windu.

The lightsaber mod isn’t literally a lightsaber in a fighter’s hands — licensing might have something to say about that. It simply makes the blade of whatever weapon the player is holding, whether sword, pike, battle axe or something else, glow when the player locks on. But there are some compatible sound effects and showers of sparks when the blades meet. The blades will glow green, blue or red — sorry, no conflicted-badass purple here.

As one redditor pointed out, three months ago a fan begged for Ubisoft, or someone, to develop a lightsaber combat game in For Honor’s mode. While that seems a little outside Electronic Arts’ wheelhouse atm, and Ubisoft doesn’t have a license, this appears to be the next best thing — and make the aforementioned fan into something of a prophet.

The lightsaber effect appears to have joined the game with For Honor’s year 3, season 2 patch two days ago. How long it sticks around, no one knows, so be sure to check it out today if you haven’t logged in in a while.

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