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China’s PUBG replacement makes people wave goodbye after they die

A wholesome socialist alternative

YouTube via Uptodown

Despite having around 70 million average daily active users in the mobile version, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in China is no more. Instead, we’ve got Game for Peace now, which, while almost identical to PUBG in many ways — it’s Tencent’s replacement for the battle royale sensation — the finer details are a little absurd.

Take, for instance, Game For Peace’s new dying animation, where your enemies wave goodbye at you after you slaughter them. OK then.

Game For Peace is the latest in Tencent’s saga to try to get PUBG monetized in China, a country that has strict rules about what video games release in the region. According to Reuters, after a year of attempts, Tencent has now resorted to outright taking PUBG down in China, and replaced it with a more government-friendly socialist game.

As they describe it, Game For Peace — which still includes murder — “pays tribute to the blue sky warriors that guard [China’s] airspace.” PUBG users are finding that their previous progress in PUBG has carried over to Game For Peace, despite Tencent’s insistence that “they are very different genres of games.”

Perhaps the biggest difference, however, is Game For Peace’s depiction of violence: While it still features shooting mechanics, there is no gore. This makes sense, given that China has banned video games that contain violence, sex, or gambling, as well as titles that put the country in a negative light.

You can watch 25 minutes of Game for Peace in Uptodown’s video below.

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