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Players datamine new Year 2 Exotic Catalysts in Destiny 2

Some fan favorite Forsaken weapons are about to get a lot better

Destiny 2: Forsaken Titan and Warlock fight stuff Bungie, High Moon Studios/Activision

In Destiny 2: Warmind, Bungie introduced the concept of Catalysts. More have trickled out in waves over the past year, but Bungie just added a large group to the game’s files in the 2.2.2. patch on May 7. Through datamining, players have found nine new Forsaken Catalysts, which have been confirmed on via the game’s official API database.

Catalysts usually provide bonus weapon stats or even additional perks. Weapons with Catalysts also spawn Orbs of Light on multi-kills, meaning players can charge their Super abilities faster.

Mosts Catalysts are worth unlocking for the Orb of Light generation alone, but some of the additional stats on the datamined Catalysts could be game changers. The full list of new Catalysts is below.

  • Black Talon — +40 Magazine (additional ammo reserves)
  • Cerberus+1 — +20 Stability, -30 Reload Speed (decreased time to reload)
  • Lord of Wolves — +40 Magazine (increased number of shots fired before a reload)
  • Malfeasance — +20 Range (decreased damage falloff at long distances)
  • One Thousand Voices — +30 Stability, +20 Ammo Capacity (increased ammo reserves)
  • The Queenbreaker — +20 Range, +20 Aim Assist (increased enemy hitbox)
  • Trinity Ghoul — -30 Charge Time (reduced charge time per arrow)
  • Two-Tailed Fox — -30 Reload Speed, +10 Weapon Size (potentially a ammo reserve increase)
  • Wavesplitter — +10 Range, +30 Ammo Capacity (this weapon is currently a PS4 Exclusive)

It’s unclear when these Catalysts will make it into the game, with next month’s Season of Opulence being a likely time. But, Bungie has added Catalysts to the game files months before their in-game availability in the past. With the addition of Wavesplitter, Bungie could be saving these Catalysts until that gun becomes available for all players in the fall.

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