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The full Detective Pikachu soundtrack is available to stream — but beware of spoilers

Henry Jackman’s synthy score has just hit Spotify

Detective Pikachu - Tim, Pikachu, Lucy, and Psyduck on the ground looking up
Justice Smith, Pikachu, and Kathryn Newton in Detective Pikachu.
Warner Bros. Pictures

The “full movie” leak of Detective Pikachu featured the furry yellow Pokémon dancing to a catchy “Jump (For My Love)”-esque track. The film’s full soundtrack, now available to listen to on Spotify, is similarly catchy — though it’ll also spoil key plot points in the movie if you bother reading through the track titles.

Composed by Henry Jackman (Wreck-It Ralph, Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service), the score mixes full orchestral arrangements with electronic cues reminiscent of the original Game Boy scores. It’s a rollicking, riotously fun soundtrack, as befitting the surprisingly terrific movie.

But again, beware — while some albums occasionally scramble the order of the tracks in order to make the arc of the film less transparent, the same can’t be said for Detective Pikachu. Everything is in chronological order, and the titles, while vague, give just enough away that you may be able to piece together what happens.

Still, if you can’t wait for your Detective Pikachu fix, go ahead and dive in — just don’t look over the track listing, first.

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