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Tom Holland’s ‘deleted’ Spider-Man: Far From Home scene finds Spidey at the dry cleaner

Superheroes have to get laundry done somewhere

An “exclusive deleted scene” from Spider-Man: Far From Home debuted on Monday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! Just to be clear, this isn’t actual movie footage — we all know the spoiler-tight MCU would never dare release a full scene before the movie’s premiere — but instead stars the late-night host as the local dry cleaner that all the superheroes go to.

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) drops by Joe’s Fluff and Fold to pick up his “pajamas” and in true Peter Parker fashion, stumbles and flubs when Joe starts questioning why he brings the suit in every few days and why it’s always covered in holes.

“Moths?” offers Joe, when Peter struggles to think of an answer.

“Moths! Massive moths!”

“That’s what I thought.”

Apparently other heroes also drop off their suits and masks and pants at Joe’s Fluff and Fold, and Joe himself is blissfully unaware of his superpowered clientele. Avengers Tower it is not, but the sketch still gives MCU fans a little touch of that mundane slice-of-life that they love.

Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters on July 2.

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