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New Apex Legends patch fixes one of Caustic’s most annoying bugs

No more gas trapping people through walls

Apex Legends - Caustic attacks Mirage. Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts
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The latest Apex Legends patch has arrived and it’s full of bug fixes ahead of season 2.

The patch’s biggest update comes to Caustic, whose traps were hurting players through walls. While Caustic mains may have gotten a kick out of the bug, it wasn’t great for other players, so Respawn fixed the issue.

Another change coming with this update is a PC-only upgrade that allows players to cap their frame rate with the new console command, “fps_max.” This can keep the frame rate locked where it’s most stable, and can help players to avoid taxing their graphics cards more than necessary.

This patch is dedicated entirely to bug fixes, but we did hear some of the changes that are coming with the game’s second season next month. During last weekend’s EA Play event, Respawn announced a few details on the new legend, as well as the ranked mode and new battle pass coming to Apex Legends in season 2.

For a look at all the changes that came with this patch, you can check out the full patch notes below.


  • Update from Respawn: this patch also fixed the bug with healing items not functioning when using the keybinds for them.
  • The following config commands are now enabled:




  • Fixed issue with players not being rewarded with Loss Forgiveness after their teammate left during an Apex Elite match.

Also made improvements so that Loss Forgiveness works more consistently in other cases where it wasn’t working correctly.

  • Fixed bug where Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps would damage players through walls.
  • Fixed exploit where you could repeatedly place Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps with no cooldown.
  • [PS4 Only] Fixed bug with in-game reward message not displaying the right image for Playstation Plus subscribers [previously this was showing an orange and purple checker image instead of the right asset].
  • Fixed issue with “nerfed” skydiving from a Jump Tower.
  • Resolved a number of localization issues for Xbox and PS4.
  • Fixed issues with items sorting incorrectly when looting a deathbox.
  • Fixed issues related to heavily decreased accuracy when ADS and sliding.
  • Fixed audio bug related to Octane’s Jump Pad.
  • Fixed a number of game logic script errors.