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Dr. Disrespect was banned from E3 for streaming inside a bathroom

Twitch took a similar path and banned the popular streamer as well

Dr Disrespect
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Popular Twitch streamer Guy Beahm, better known by his streaming persona Dr. Disrespect, was banned from E3 after he streamed inside one of the convention’s bathrooms on Tuesday afternoon.

Beahm was at the show, live streaming his time on the convention floor. According to a tweet from Beahm announcing that the stream was going live, this was his first ever IRL stream. Beahm spent most of the day talking to fans and interacting with developers on the show floor. Later in the day, Beahm and his cameraperson walked into one of the public bathrooms inside the Los Angeles Convention Center, where E3 is hosted, while the camera was still live streaming.

A few hours later, Beahm’s channel disappeared from Twitch, likely due to a ban levied against the channel. There are several sections of the Twitch Community Guidelines that his action could fall under. The most relevant of these is the section that states that streamers must respect all applicable, local, national, and international laws while using the service. In the state of California, the use of a camera in a public bathroom in most circumstances violates the state’s invasion of privacy laws set out by California state penal code 647 section J, which says that people have a reasonable expectation of privacy from such devices in places like a bathroom.

This wasn’t the only penalty that Beahm incurred thanks to his stream. In a statement to Kotaku, a representative of ESA, the company that runs E3, said that the organization has revoked Beahm’s pass to the show. Effectively, this means that Beahm is banned from both E3 and Twitch.

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