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A Black Christmas remake is coming this year from the team behind Halloween

This holiday season, get ready to scream

The teaser poster for Blumhouse’s upcoming remake.
The teaser poster for Blumhouse’s upcoming remake.

Horror giant Blumhouse announced on Thursday that it will shed some blood over the holidays with Black Christmas, a remake directed by Always Shine’s Sophia Takal. Takal had previously directed an installment of the company’s Hulu streaming series Into the Dark, and is now the first female director to helm a Blumhouse theatrical release.

The film, the third film and second remake of the same title, takes place at Hawthorne College, where sorority girls on campus are being picked off by a mysterious killer as the holidays approach. However, these young women aren’t damsels in distress. Instead of simply being slasher fodder as they were in the 1974 original — which starred Olivia Hussey and Keir Dullea), as part of an “upgrade engineered for today,” the sorority sisters are working with “final girl” DNA, fighting back against the murderer.

The film’s 2006 remake, which starred Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Michelle Trachtenberg, was fraught due to disputes with the Weinstein brothers, whose company, Dimension Films, distributed the film. The movie debuted to mostly negative reviews, with different versions released in Europe and North America.

Co-written by April Wolfe, the new film will star Imogen Poots (Green Room), Aleyse Shannon, Brittany O’Grady, Lily Donoghue and Caleb Eberhardt. Black Christmas is set to film in New Zealand, and will hit theaters in December, on Friday the 13th.

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