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Flying reptiles are roaming the Apex Legends map in a possible tease for season 2

Kings Canyon has a flying monster problem

reptiles flying in front of a giant eye Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

The first neutral beings in Apex Legends have suddenly appeared in the game. The beasts are called Flyers and, at least for now, they’re very peaceful. But it’s possible that these new creatures will become deadly later on, especially since it seems like they’re a possible tease for a season 2 addition to the game.

Along with the Flyers appearing in-game, we got a very cryptic tweet from the Apex Legends Twitter account. It’s not clear what this message means, but it certainly seems like it’s leading up to something big, especially at those red-marked places on the map.

Based on what players have seen so far, we only know a couple of things about Flyers for sure. We know that several seem to spawn in each match of Apex Legends. We also know that the Flyers don’t seem too interested in what’s going on around them. You can’t ride the Flyers, but you can use Pathfinder to grapple them, and they don’t seem to mind. If you decide they’re still too much to keep around, you can shoot them out of the sky, although they take quite a few bullets before they stop flying. But if you do manage to kill one, it will drop a deathbox with random, fairly high-quality loot.

It’s unclear what exactly these beasts are suddenly doing in the game, but it seems reasonable that they might be part of a tease for season 2. Just before season 1, Respawn surprised players by placing a few of Octane’s jump pads around the map before he was revealed, and this doesn’t seem too different. If the Flyers are in the game as a preview of season 2, it’s entirely possible that they won’t stay as docile as they are now. With the warning sign in the Apex Legends tweet, it seems possible that as the season gets closer, the Flyers will get more and more angry with us killing them for loot — and decide they need to adopt an attack-on-sight policy for Apex Legends competitors.

Another hint that the Flyers could be pointing toward larger, much larger, things happening in season 2 came at the end of the Apex Legends presentation during EA Play 2019. After showing off some of the changes that would be coming to the game during season 2, Respawn showed a brief glimpse of what appeared to be the eye of a giant creature, maybe even one of the behemoths we can see just outside of the Kings Canyon island. We can see a few Flyers in the tease, too, and they’re clearly tiny in comparison. Whatever the eye belongs to, the tease made it seem like some more creatures are headed toward Apex Legends in season 2.

The Flyers themselves may look familiar to you if you’ve played the Titanfall series since the beginning. The flying half-bird half-dinosaur creatures first appeared in the Titanfall games, where they were a lot more dangerous and terrifying.

We’ll likely know a little bit more about Flyers when we get to see the season 2 patch notes, which will drop with the update on July 2. Respawn has also announced that Apex Legends season 2 will get a new weapon, along with some balance changes to the game’s old weapons and a new Legend.

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