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The first Trolls World Tour trailer is full of chaotic musical energy

If you’ve been waiting for Trolls 2, here you go

The first trailer for Trolls World Tour is out, and brings the same sugary pop energy as its predecessor. The sequel expands the scope of the Trolls universe when Queen Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) discover that there are troll worlds outside their own, each one set apart by its own genre of music. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the funk, classical, techno, country, and rock trolls in their respective worlds. Poppy and Branch must fight to unite the disparate trolls in the face of the Rock trolls’ desire for musical domination.

The film notably features Justin, Griffin, and Travis McElroy, who secured their roles as Techno Beat Drop Button, Country Western Tear, and Hard Rock Tear through an extensive social media and podcast campaign. That is, as Vanity War reported, if they “don’t fuck it up” along the way and get cut from the film. It’s currently unknown whether or not their roles will remain in the film’s final cut. (Disclaimer: Justin and Griffin McElroy are former Polygon employees).

Trolls World Tour stars Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, James Corden, Caroline Hjelt, Aino Jawo, Ron Funches, and Kunal Nayyar and also features Sam Rockwell, Chance the Rapper, Anthony Ramos, Karan Soni, Flula Borg, and Jamie Dornan. The movie hits theaters on March 20, 2020.

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