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PC modders are making Breath of the Wild dungeons, and they’re wild

A new age begins

Breath of the Wild made headlines last month after modders started making custom dungeons using the emulated version of the game, and enough time has passed that fans are now making their own, fully-realized dungeons.

BSoD Gaming shows off a creation by HailToDodongo titled “The Sky Maze” in the video at the top of this post, and the level seems impressive. While certain assets, like enemies, make a re-appearance from the original game, many of the visuals have been reworked. The puzzles are brand-new and, according to BSoD Gaming, harder than those you’d find in the base game thanks to a wider variety of hazards and traps. It also helps that these user-made dungeons make use of a wider pool of resources, and you can find elements you never would in a standard Breath of the Wild shrine.

The ability to theme a dungeon also changes things. While shrines in Breath of the Wild posed a variety of challenges for players depending on which one you entered, they could blend into each other after awhile. Modders, on the other hand, are making these dungeons distinct using natural elements, including things like wind, lava, or fire.

Nintendo seems to know that players are interested in developing their own Zelda creations — the Link’s Awakening remake for Switch will have a feature like that — but right now, I’m more excited to see what players can make when there are no design or aesthetic limitations.

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