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Hitman 2’s first expansion takes Agent 47 to New York

Agent 47’s big day out starts tomorrow

Agent 47 is back stateside in Hitman 2’s first expansion. New York is the game’s first new location since launch, and features a new campaign mission, “The Bank.”

As with all the other locations in Hitman 2, players can unlock new tools through challenges and achievements. With each successful assassination, players will earn points to increase their New York mastery level.

Players can use these new unlocks — like a new outfit for Agent 47 and the Bartoli 12G shotgun — in other Hitman 2 locations as well. As always, players can use the contract mode to create custom challenges for other players in New York.

New York and “The Bank” come with the Hitman Expansion Pass as Expansion Pack 1 for $39.99. The Gold Edition of Hitman 2 comes with the full game and the Expansion Pass for $99.99. IO Interactive and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will release Hitman 2’s first expansion for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One on June 25.

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