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Behold the official Forky costume

A character made of trash has been adapted into Halloween-ready treasure

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a person wearing a Forky Halloween costume
One of the many Forky costumes available to you this Halloween.
Party City

Forky is the breakout character of Toy Story 4, and as ordained by marketing gods, is appearing in every licensed form — from plush toys to Hot Wheels to T-shirt prints — imaginable. Forky Halloween costumes are the natural next step: an easy way for parents to joke about why any of us exist while dressing up their children, or for millennials to yell, “I’m trash!”

Of course, Forky is also a spork. The costumes do their best to reflect this — some make part of the costume black in order to try to carve out the spork’s silhouette, while others just have a mask with the requisite tines and call it a day. And that’s not even beginning to touch on how they deal with Forky’s pipe cleaner arms or popsicle stick feet.

Long story short, every iteration of Halloween Forky looks a little strange, in one way or another.

We now have a look at the official Forky costume available at Party City. The child’s costume retails for $29.99. It features red arms that look like a too-small cardigan, a humongous mask, and Forky’s popsicle stick feet.

Is this just the beginning of Forky’s ascension into the popular culture? May we be so lucky.

UPDATE: This story has been revised. If you’re looking for more Forky material, check out our review of Toy Story 4.

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