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Battlefield 5’s wacky Easter eggs: Finger guns and a stairway to heaven

Two complicated unlocks pop into the game with the latest patch

Image of the “Handgun” Easter egg in Battlefield 5.
Heh heh ... pull my finger!
Screenshot via DANNYonPC
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Easter eggs are afoot in Battlefield 5. Er, they’re a hand. Two hands.

Perhaps you got wind of the Handgun (do ho ho) weapon someone dug up in the game earlier this week. Seems that it’s a mite tough to locate, otherwise many more people would be running around cocking (or dislocating) their digits and chirping “pew pew pew!” at one another.

That’s just the beginning, though. Since the latest patch went live, there’s now a weird stairway-to-nowhere/heaven that teams of four can build over in the practice range. It appears to be some sort of a puzzle/challenge, too, as YouTuber Jackfrags notes in the video below.

Basically, once someone starts building the staircase, they have a finite amount of time to find out where it all leads (if anywhere). There are dead end routes to decoy players into wasting their time. Build high enough, and V-1 drones will eventually come in to attack. Jackfrags doesn’t know where it all leads yet. After discovering the Easter egg on Tuesday, he and his pals streamed their construction all afternoon, even drawing EA DICE developers to their stream. Apparently they worked on it for five freakin’ hours.

As for the Handgun (snicker), YouTuber DANNYonPC (h/t PCGamesN) found it only after repeatedly changing servers. That green light on the box under the tent site is usually red, so he kept switching until he found a green one. How or why it changes, no one knows, but when it’s green, the shovel points the way to the dig site, and then the Handgun can be dug up.

But be careful what you wish for — the damn thing only does 10 damage, and you lose it upon death. So when we say it’s only good for a few laughs, we mean that literally.

The Battlefield franchise has become well known for its Easter eggs and other goofs, some of which the community has inspired. Battlefield 1 had this droll jack-in-the-box windup reload for one of the machine guns — which DANNYonPC also found!