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Last Day of June is the Epic Games Store freebie for the last week of June

A little on the nose, Epic


Last Day of June is a puzzle adventure game. The last day of June is this Sunday, June 30. And Last Day of June is the latest free game available at the Epic Games Store that will, in fact, be available on the last day of June. June 27 through July 4, to be exact.

Despite the title, Last Day of June does not actually take place in summer, or at least not only in summer. It’s a time-travel puzzle adventure in which the protagonist goes back in time, attempting to tweak the past in order to prevent his wife’s death. It’s a lovely little game about love and loss, with a simple, beautiful stop-motion-y style. Our review summarized it thusly:

Last Day of June is a narrative puzzle game that makes full use of a wide range of powerful emotive devices to make its point. Its fairly straightforward puzzles won’t keep you up, scratching your noggin at night, but the effect of its wonderful characters and the love they have for one another will leave you feeling like you belong to something bigger than yourself.

In just seven months, Epic has made some aggressive moves in the PC gaming space, picking up exclusives and scooping Steam’s Summer Sale with an Epic Mega Sale of its own. To attract a user base that’s loyal to other platforms like Steam, The Epic Games Store promised to release a free game every two weeks in 2019, and last month the release schedule moved to weekly.

The next Epic Games Store freebie will be Overcooked, available July 4.