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Void Bastards: new challenge modes soon, DLC after that

New weapon, new foes, new ships on the way

Void Bastards Humble Bundle/Blue Manchu
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Void Bastards’ creators have begun talking about post-launch support, Ta month after the game’s well received release on PC and Xbox One. Immediately on deck are some challenge modes, which Blue Manchu promises will be free to everyone.

“We’re still ironing out the details, but expect challenges like: stealthing your way past super tough enemies, being forced to rely on amped-up authorization skills to take over ship systems, and managing a super fast but hard-to-control client,” developers said by way of the game’s Steam page yesterday.

The team also hinted at an expansion, in the form of DLC featuring “an entirely new organization, complete with a new opponent and new ships.” That was accompanied by a .gif teasing some unit called Nemesis, which is apparently staffed with space-cleaning robots. More news, about a new weapon, will be coming in the next week.

Void Bastards teaser image of a maid robot called the Tydy Bot.
The Tydy Bot, teasing some new content for Void Bastards.
Blue Manchu

Void Bastards launched May 29 (arriving in the Xbox One Game Pass library that day, too) and count us a fan of the witty, free-wheeling space piracy adventure, done in a comic-booky style. Our review gave it a Polygon Recommends thumbs up as much for the style as for the procedural generation that can give your plucky privateers a shot of good fortune — or bad luck. Here’s a guide for players new to the game.

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