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Every anime coming to Netflix in June

Shinji finally gets in the... legal streaming platform

art from Neon Genesis Evangelion Gainax

Netflix’s anime selection runs deep across genres ranging from sci-fi to comedy to horror. The platform also hosts a slate of original anime series like Masaaki Yuasa’s Devilman Crybaby, as well as beloved titles like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Ouran High School Host Club. With anime series based on Pacific Rim and Altered Carbon on the way, it’s clear is company sees the medium as a huge investment.

Netflix may have found its most valuable anime acquisition yet with the addition of Hideaki Anno’s critically acclaimed Neon Genesis Evangelion, which will be released on the platform later this month along with two films that followed the original series. The month kicks off with the emotionally heady March Comes in Like a Lion and A Silent Voice, with continuations of Netflix Originals Kakegurui xx and Aggretsuko to come later in the month. Here’s the full rundown and schedule.

March Comes in Like a Lion

Now streaming

17-year-old professional shōgi player Rei Kiriyama lives alone in Tokyo following the death of his parents and younger sister, as well as his estrangement from his foster family. After his arrival in Tokyo, he meets a trio of sisters — Akari, Hinata, and Mom Kawamoto — who bring Rei into their fold and help him to mature. The realistic series features actual locations in Tokyo Sendagaya and Tsukishima/Tsukada areas, some of which draw anime tourists. The series is 44 episodes long and is available in its entirety.

A Silent Voice

Now streaming

A Silent Voice Kyoto Animation

Shōya Ishida spent his elementary school days bullying deaf classmate Shōko Nishimiya and was ostracized by his classmates throughout the rest of his school years. Now in his last year of high school, Shōya sets out to redeem himself by making amends with Shōko. A Silent Voice is a film based off of Yoshitoki Ōima’s manga of the same name.

Kakegurui xx: season 2

Streaming June 13

Kakegurui is set at Hyakkaō Private Academy, an elite boarding school in which gambling, not academics, sets the student hierarchy. The second season of Kakegurui xx homes in the school’s student board elections after the current student council president dissolves the board and establishes a gambling battle royale in which students vie for her seat.

Aggretsuko: season 2

Streaming June 14

retsuko in her office aggretsuko Sanrio/Netflix

Adorable, aggressive, and beleaguered Retsuko hooked us in the series’ first season with her relatable workplace concerns and theatrical stress coping mechanisms. In season 2, she ends up with one more stressor on her plate: her mother’s interference. More things to scream about into a karaoke microphone!

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Streaming June 21

Hideaki Anno’s Neon Genesis Evangelion finally finds a legal home on Netflix this month. Set after a veritable apocalypse, teenager Shinji is recruited by his father to pilot an “Evangelion,” a mecha designed to combat Angels, giant monsters that would cause world destruction if left unchecked. An examination of psychological trauma, adolescence, and humanity itself, the series is renowned as an anime masterpiece. Watch the 26-episode series first before moving onto the two films — there’s a correct order to watch Evangelion.


Streaming June 21

Also known to fans as Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth, this film is a recap of the original series with additional story content pertaining to episodes 21 through 24 of the television series.

The End of Evangelion

Streaming June 21

The End of Evangelion is the gruesome cinematic conclusion to the saga.

Forest of Piano: season 2

Streaming June 24

Forest of Piano Netflix

Kai, an elementary school student who lives in the red light district, is the only person able to coax music out of an abandoned piano in the forest. Shuhei, the son of a professional pianist, meets Kai and persuades him into taking proper lessons. The second season of this dives into both Kai and Shuhei’s motivations as pianists in the context of the Chopin competition. The 24-episode series will be available in its entirety on Netflix.


Streaming June 28

In the face of human destruction via meteor impact, world leaders decide that each country will cryogenically preserve a group of healthy young people underground in order to ensure the survival of humanity. The series follows five groups of young people who wake up in various regions of Japan a number of years after the collision and must learn to live in the new world.

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