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PS4 Pro deal with seven free games is the best way to jump onto the platform

Pre-E3 PS4 Pro bundle comes with hardware, free games

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PlayStation 4 Pro from above on wood table Sony Interactive Entertainment

Update (4:45p.m. ET): The deal seems to be over, as the seven free games are no longer showing up on the landing page nor in the cart, as they were this morning. Original story remains below.

It’s never too late to pick up an existing platform and dive into its catalog of games, and a new deal on the PlayStation 4 Pro from B&H Photo makes that process especially painless.

The $349.99 bundle comes with the PlayStation 4 Pro — which is the PlayStation 4 system to get if you have a 4K TV, and is currently on sale at most major retailers — along with seven free games.

Here are the titles included in the package:

This bundle saves you $50 off the standard price of the PlayStation 4 Pro hardware, and gets you $70 worth of near-classic games for no additional cost. That’s a substantial amount of savings.

These aren’t new games, nor would any of them be very expensive if you were to pick them up individually, especially now that the Days of Play sales have begun. But they are uniformly good games, and I’d argue most of them are great. If you wanted to pick up a new PlayStation 4 Pro while also getting started on a solid game collection, this may be the best place to start.