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Aggretsuko season 2 trailer pits the red panda against her meddling mom

And of course there’s more heavy metal

The heavy metal karaoke singing red panda Retsuko charmed us in the first season of Aggretsuko, tackling everyday problems of adult life with some Sanrio cuteness. The next season comes to Netflix on June 14 and a first trailer introduces the new problems for Retsuko.

In addition to her thankless job, rude co-workers, and her less-than-smooth love life, Retsuko must deal with her mother’s meddling. Not only is her mother concerned about Retusko’s diet, she insists that her daughter should get married and plots to set her up with an eligible man. Cue the chaos, crushes, coworkers, and extended heavy metal karaoke.

The first season of Aggretsuko premiered in April 2018 and quickly became a fan-favorite. Everyone who grew up with cute Hello Kitty now got a new totally relatable Sanrio heroine. Season one introduced Retsuko, her friends and enemies, and ended with Retsuko realizing she had been projecting fantasies in a less-than-ideal relationship. The holiday special dealt with the pressure of social media to curate a perfect holiday experience. All too #real. The first season consisted of 11 episodes, so a similar order is likely. We’ll know for sure when the new season drops on June 14.

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