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Watch the first trailer for Spiritfarer, a 2D adventure game, coming to Xbox Game Pass

The trailer didn’t tell us much, but the game looks beautiful

During its E3 2019 Press Conference — just after it brought Keanu Reeves on-stage for Cyberpunk — Microsoft unveiled a new game called Spiritfarer.

Far from the bombastic shooting of the other games at the show so far, Spiritfarer is a beautifully animated side-scrolling adventure game that seems to be about a girl and her cat. The two live together in a floating house, and have a life of fishing, farming, and shopping from the local stores owned and operated by their town’s talking animal citizens. The trailer didn’t exactly make it clear what the game will be about, but it did have a big emphasis on some kind of tall deer-like creature that seems to have some special powers.

Spiritfarer is developed by Thunder Lotus, a studio whose previous game, Jotun, was a single-player puzzle game where players had to take down gods and absorb their powers. The trailer doesn’t mention a release date for Spiritfarer, but the game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass whenever it is released.

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