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Luigi wins Mario Maker 2 levels by doing absolutely nothing

The king is back

How many hours have you spent learning how to run and jump through Mario levels? You absolute fool. Let Luigi show you how it’s done.

If you’re confused: It’s become a meme to have Luigi participate in a multiplayer game, stand completely still, and yet come out on top. Luigi has won everything from Mario Party to Smash Bros. without lifting a finger. And now he’s back to do the same in Super Mario Maker 2.

Luigi’s dominance is largely possible because YouTuber ProsafiaGaming is putting him in auto-run levels, but still. It’s fun to watch Luigi survive absolute chaos, as many of these courses are designed with an overwhelming number of elements.

Happily, I’ve found that while the original Super Mario Maker was plagued with auto levels, Mario Maker 2 doesn’t seem to have that problem so far. The top course creator at the moment has levels that you’re actually expected to play through, which makes appreciating the occasional auto level a little easier.

The next level of puzzles.

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