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Mario Maker 2 master makes upside-down kaizo level, and it’s horrifying

“Please don’t play this.”


Kaizo levels are famed for being the most grueling courses that Mario fans can play — and that’s with a normal perspective. With the release of Super Mario Maker 2, which gives players unusual tools to craft levels, expert fans are trying out things that we’ve never seen before. Take, for instance, this Kaizo level that is played entirely upside down.

Lord. I’m getting kinda queasy just looking at the footage, never mind trying to play it.

Pit of PePanga: Panger Things is the latest creation of PangaeaPanga, a Super Mario Bros. player famed for making monstrous levels that were said to be the hardest courses ever made for the first Super Mario Maker. For the first game, it became a badge of honor to have a Panga level under your belt.

While Mario Maker 2 hasn’t been out for very long, it’s becoming clear that the same thing is going to happen with the sequel. As of this writing, a mere 13 people have beaten Panger Things, which gives it a clear rate of 0.14 percent.

If Panga’s name sounds familiar, it’s possible you’ve seen the viral Twitter footage of an earlier course he made this year, which is being hailed as the toughest Super Mario 3D World level around.

As of this writing, DieVine Garden has only been passed 20 times out of 279,956 tries, which gives it an in-game clear rate of 0.00 percent. Appropriately, the course has comments like “HELP,” “end me,” and “I give up.”

Panger Things, therefore, must be a tinge easier than some of Panga’s more devilish creations — the creator comment on the level marks it as “short and sweet.” The level is still going to put up a fight, though: comments here range from “I tried” to a simple :( emoticon. If you dare: QRF-6LX-LJG.

The next level of puzzles.

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