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The Division 2 free update brings new missions and a new mode called Expeditions

The update will also add matchmaking and a new difficulty for the game’s first raid

Ubisoft/Massive Entertainment
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One of the biggest parts of the roadmap for The Division 2’s updates is its episodic content that Ubisoft promised from the beginning. After a few updates, including a new specialization, and the game’s first raid, the developer has finally revealed the first part of Year 1’s free content: Episode 1 — D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions.

The update was revealed during this week’s state of the game livestream on Wednesday, where Ubisoft also gave fans a preview of what Episode 1 will include. Episode 1 will be released on July 23 for players that bought The Division 2’s Year 1 pass and on July 30 for all players.

The biggest new feature coming with Episode 1 is the new Expedition mode. This is an entirely different type of activity from anything that’s in the game now. Expeditions will take place in specific areas that are split into different wings. Each wing will have a specific theme and various enemies to fight through, but be released week by week. When players complete all three wings they’ll gain access to the Expedition’s treasure room. The first Expedition, which will be part of Episode 1, will take place in Kenly College where players will look for some lost military supplies.

Episode 1 will also feature two new missions for The Division 2: Camp White Oak and Manning National Zoo. Both missions will tie directly into the story of the game’s main campaign and continue to follow the Division agents as they try to take back D.C. and deal with the new threat that was revealed at the end of the game.

Episode 1 will also give players a new difficulty to complete the game’s first raid on called Discovery. This mode will include matchmaking, a long-requested feature, and be slightly easier, in hopes of allowing more players to complete the raid if they want to. The patch will also make a few smaller additions to new weapons and armor, including a new exotic of each. Finally, this update will also add in a few balance changes to the game, though we’ll have to wait for release to know what those changes might look like.

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