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There’s no looking back in this Super Mario Maker 2 level

A Rube Goldberg-esque trap involving a Boo makes it work

Some people design oddball levels in Super Mario Maker 2. Some people design devious levels in Super Mario Maker 2. Some do both — like this SMM2 level in which the player cannot face forward (to the right) as they progress through the level.

If they do, the floor turns to coins and Mario, Luigi, Toadette or whomever plunges into the abyss as a jaunty tune plays them off. So, let’s cut to the chase: How do you program a game to recognize which direction a player is facing, much less penalize them for facing the wrong one?

I will leave that to Ceave Gaming, who provides a lengthy history of why this wouldn’t work in Super Mario Maker but will work now. The shorter explanation is in a contraption involving a Boo, a Bob-Omb, a Bullet Bill, an On/Off block and some other Rube Goldberg stuff.

Since a Boo awakens and pursues the player once it gets behind them (and cowers when the player looks at them), the Boo never moves if the player is always facing left. If it did move, it would trigger the remainder of the trap, which then turns a block floor into coins.

This requires players with a knack for reverse jumping, ground-pounding on a slide ramp and maintaining that momentum to the next ramp, or the end of the level.

Ceave Gaming’s level can be downloaded with the code LPM-H7F-1VG. They finished it on Wednesday. The day before, they put out this video on various tricks and glitches in Super Mario Maker 2 that designers may be able to exploit. Give it a watch if the Boo-traption tickled your fancy.

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