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These impossible Mario Maker 2 levels can only be beaten with glitches

Well, that’s not fair

Super Mario Maker 2 is full of ridiculous Kaizo levels that most of us could never attempt, but recently, a more sinister breed of “impossible” levels have started to pop up. These levels can’t be beaten under normal means — unless you know exactly how some of Mario Maker 2’s more esoteric glitches and quirks work.

Ceave Gaming brings us a series of five different Mario Maker 2 courses that can only be cleared through bugs and trickery, such as clipping enemies through obstacles. One example highlighted in the video, for instance, places characters in a seemingly empty room. The only way to move forward is to put a key in the door at the far right of the room — but there’s nothing to interact with. As it turns out, the blocks at the bottom of the level are actually an elaborate key mechanism that control a mushroom’s path up top, away from the view of the player. There’s literally no way to beat this level unless you can see what’s going above your game screen. Unless you get extremely lucky, I guess. But as Ceave Gaming notes, if you make a single wrong move, the level becomes unbeatable. And there’s nothing to indicate what you need to be doing in the first place, which makes losing in this level practically a foregone conclusion.

Part of me is enraged at the thought of level designers getting the better of me through unfair means. But mostly, I’m impressed that Mario Maker 2 players are pushing the boundaries of what the game is capable so early on. A month from now, who knows what kinds of things players will be making?

The next level of puzzles.

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