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The Summer Games are back in Overwatch — with new skins

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Weekly challenges are here too!

Torbjorn’s Summer Games 2019 skin in Overwatch, Surf N Splash Torbjorn Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s annual Summer Games event has arrived, and it kicked off on Tuesday. The event will run from July 16 through Aug. 5, and offers a host of new skins, emotes, highlight intros, and other collectible cosmetics. In addition, last year’s cosmetics are all back at a discounted price. Lucioball also returns, offering Rocket League-style soccer action for players in both casual and competitive queues.

One new change is that this event has three weekly challenges. Week 1, which runs from July 16-22, asks players to win nine games. Every three wins, they will unlock a new prize: a Roadhog and Junkrat shark attack spray, a boxing-themed pachimari icon, and finally a snazzy USA-themed Reaper skin.

Week 2 (July 23-29) offers a Mei snorkeling spray, a tennis-themed pachimari icon, and finally a black, red, and gold Zhongguo Mei.

Finally, Week 3 grants a Brigitte and Wrecking Ball sand castle spray, a football pachimari icon, and a vividly-colored Reinhardt epic skin.

Here’s a gallery with all the new skins and sprays, including one fantastic Wrecking Ball skin where he is the Lucioball. Have we been kicking him around for years?!