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Fortnite had to nerf its deep dab, and players are sad about it

It was too much!

Epic Games

Dabs are a powerful thing. Think about it: You dab during a celebration, or when you want to get one over on your haters. It stands to reason that a deep dab, where you lower yourself down to the floor in defiance, could turn practically dangerous. Or at least that was the case in Fortnite.

When the deep dab emote was introduced in June, players immediately noticed that you could use it in combat situations to avoid getting shot, although it required precise timing. You could also use it to sneak up on players in ways you normally never could, like so:

This was particularly funny when you consider that things like emotes aren’t supposed to give you any sort of competitive advantage, and instead are meant as purely cosmetic flourishes. The deep dab was almost a pay to win mechanic.

But the days of the overpowered deep dab are over. Today’s big Fortnite patch notes that the game now introduces a deep dab delay “before players are able to shoot after starting it.” So the exploit is dead — the deep dab is just a normal emote.

The result is that players are now upset or disappointed that they bought the deep dab precisely because it gave them an upper hand. “Sad!” one Twitter user commented on the update. “I bought the deep dab for nothing.”

“I only bought the deep dab emote for the exploit now they patched it :(,” another said.

“I want a refund for the deep dab emote,” a Twitter user lamented.

RIP deep dab. You were too much for this world.

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